Brooklyn Wall System

New York Loft Style

 Brooklyn store furniture is a homage to the timelessly beautiful industrial design. It echoes the loving details of industrial buildings, bridges and railway stations during the epoch of industrialization.

Our freestanding furniture and wall shelves are inspired by riveted iron carriers. Put cool accents in your shop and accentuate it with the flair of the olden days of manufactury. Individual counters and matching tables become eye catchers.

The horizontally adjustable wall shelf Brooklyn can be fitted with shelves, back bars and front arms made by Mandai Design. The Brooklyn shelving system is an all-rounder for the presentation and sale of your products. With the axis dimensions 625 mm and 1000, the wall system can be adapted to all individual room dimensions. With the additional option surface in "rust look", your shop interior becomes unique.

1 product

1 product