Inspiration for shop fittings Home & Decoration


Inspiration for shop furnishing home & decoration

Home accessories and decorative items also want to be skillfully staged on the sales floor. With the right shop fitting system, you have the opportunity to give your customers a little foretaste of loving decoration ideas. Shop fittings from Mandai Design are highly functional and stylishly emphasize decorative items and accessories.

Set up shop for decorative items

For the stylish presentation of home & decorative items in the sales room, you need timeless and reserved shop furnishings. The many different products in the home area alone create a lively product image in the store. With the filigree  Slimline shopfitting system,   you ensure that your business does not appear overloaded. Elegantly and tastefully underline your style when presenting decorative accessories.

Sell ​​decoration and home accessories in the shop

The sale of home and decorative items is ideal for additional sales in retail. The customer is happy and spontaneously to buy beautiful items from the decoration in the store. So why not set up a small decorating department and generate additional business? With a flexible shop  for home & decoration  , your shop is also well set up for other products.


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3 products