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Inspiration shop fittings for cosmetics

A professional cosmetic studio or hairdressing salon also includes beautiful interior design. Mandai Design offers the right shop fittings for cosmetics, beauty and hairdressing.

Stylish and harmonious design

Whether cosmetics or wellness, customers combine the desire for beauty in a harmonious atmosphere with both areas. When setting up a cosmetic studio, it is obvious to take this wish into account in the overall concept. With our modular shop fitting systems, you can quickly and easily set up your studio or spa area. Elegant shop fittings and shelves for the stylish presentation of cosmetic articles promote sales. In addition, this gives your customers a special buying experience.

The right shelf for wellness products

The sale of cosmetic and wellness products plays an increasingly important role in the daily business. Your professional advice is often the key to success. With the right sales shelf for cosmetics , you can also underline your expertise in the beauty area. The Slimline shop fitting system is very flexible, can be set up in different versions and complements your cosmetics shop furnishings perfectly.

5 products

5 products