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Freestanding sales shelves for flexible furnishing

Whether it's a shop, showroom or pop-up store, the interior design of sales areas is very important when it comes to shop design. It is therefore all the more important to select the right mid-range furniture when planning. Freestanding sales shelves have the advantage that the customer has access to the goods from all sides. The special thing about the Cube shelf is the modular design. This means that the central area can be set up very flexibly with modules lined up in different ways.

Use the sales area with individual sales shelves

With rising prices for rented commercial premises, the desire for effectively used sales space increases. Here our slim and straightforward sales shelves offer a good solution. They ensure an affective use of the middle space and yet do not appear bulky. Since many shelves can be combined with one another, varied sales islands are created. Our sales shelves are quickly changed and give a new look in the central area.

Stylish shelves used differently

Sales shelves do not necessarily have to be used in shops or stores. The well thought-out design also enables use in the waiting area or reception. The stylish design of our shelves underscores the value of the room and also gives the option of being used for products, brochures or decoration. A sales shelf thus becomes a practical room divider with style.

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