Standing rack

Mid-level stand - versatile for presentation and surface design

Mid-sized stands and clothing stands are particularly in demand in the textile and fashion trade. Here they offer excellent opportunities to present clothes in a space-saving manner and sorted according to size or color. But they also provide valuable services when it comes to the division of space within the stores, thus helping to optimize the customer experience and systematically guiding people through the store. At Mandai Design you will find a wide range of medium-sized stands for a variety of uses - in distinctive, attractive designs and excellent workmanship.

Stylish sales stands for clothing - individual, versatile and suitable for everyday use

For sale everyday it becomes necessary again, to design the retail space new to the customer to offer an interesting shopping experience or to present an altered range optimal. Sales stands can be repositioned easily and without great effort, without the goods first having to be removed. With the function as a central room stand, time and cost-saving rearrangement is possible. Can be shared with other elements of store equipment such as presentation tables or media room gondolas sales racks to warm and make varied shopping landscapes that provide a positive shopping experience. This way your customers will feel comfortable and will be happy to come back.

Clothes rack - flexible, space-saving and decorative

Clothes racks are a cheap and trendy alternative to elaborate mid-room solutions in the store. Quick and easy to set as for home your goods into scene. The simple design of the clothes rack from the "Magic Rail" series creates a tasteful ambience and becomes an eye-catcher.

Clothing stand by Mandai Design

Modern standing rack must be able to perform many different tasks. We offer stylish clothing stands for a varied and appealing product presentation - for example the Magic Rail TS . Here you can present fashion and clothing perfectly. Or the Como clothing stand. With a height of 172 cm, it is an ideal stand for bridal wear and long evening dresses . Our clothing stands are very stable because they are welded tight as standard. We are happy to manufacture special sizes and other variants on request.

16 products

16 products