Wooden shelf 25 mm, chipboard decor, ABS edge

Wooden shelf 25 mm, chipboard decor, ABS edge

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Wooden shelf 25 mm, chipboard decor, ABS edge

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Wooden shelf 25 mm thick, this provides more load capacity 
Our wooden shelves with a thickness of 25 mm are made of chipboard coated on both sides. The shelves are used for the shop fitting systems   Bergen, Brooklyn and Ceres. You can choose between the 625 mm axis dimension and the 1000 mm axis dimension. The standard depth is 400 mm. Depending on the shop fitting system chosen, the actual dimensions may differ slightly from the nominal size. The surface of the wooden shelves is coated with melamine resin and very hard-wearing. Depending on availability, colors and other wood variants can also be ordered. All floors are equipped with a 2 mm ABS safety edge all around in the same color or decor. With a material thickness of 25 mm, this shelf is suitable for more weight.

The right shelf bracket for every wooden shelf 
Each wooden shelf always has a special bracket to hang the shelf in the intended grid of the respective shop fitting system. With the Bergen wall system , no shelf brackets are required to fasten the wooden floors. 

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