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Ceres Shelving System

Do you like clear design and need options for the presentation of your products? Then the Ceres shop fitting system is exactly the right choice. Contemporary and classic at the same time, this shelving system fits perfectly into almost any room.


Works well for a variety of sectors, from fashion, fine foods to homeware.


Can be adapted to suit your needs. Extendable at any time.


Available in hundreds of wood decors. Free sample service available.

Easy assembly

Modular construction makes Ceres easy to assemble, even on your own.

Shop Ceres shelving by retail sector


Ceres for fine foods

Flexible set up for food and beverage shops

Assortments and products can change quickly in food shops. With the Ceres shelving system, you are well prepared. A mixture of straight and sloping shelves in wood decors allow you to present a wide variety of goods, while looking visually interesting. Whether it's fruit, vegetables, juices or other fresh produce, your range can be shown off in its best light. Shelves made of wood-look decors radiate naturalness and sustainability, and thus complement farm shops and organic food shops perfectly.


Ceres for fashion

Elegant clothing presentation for fashion boutiques

With the trendy timeless Ceres shelving system, you are ideally positioned for the fashion industry. Height adjustability and display units tailored to the clothing retail sector are standard. Our modular shop systems are flexibly constructed and can be perfectly adapted to the respective premises. Assembly and installation of our shelves are quick and easy thanks to a well thought-out design.


Ceres for homeware

Present homeware elegantly

For the stylish presentation of homeware & decoration items on the shop floor, shelving system Ceres is exactly the right choice. Minimalist and deliberately unobtrusive, this shelving system fits almost perfectly into any room. Open and flexible, you can present your products as you wish.  Thanks to its modular construction, you can assemble this shop fitting system to suit your individual needs. Shelves can be hooked into the vertical wall uprights without tools and are height-adjustable. Especially during seasonal changes or sales promotions, these flexible presentation options offer a great advantage.

Frequently asked questions

Ceres in our customer's stores

Need some inspiration? Here's a few examples of our Ceres shelf in our customer's stores. Check out our reference page for more.

Mana Ernährung




Rostocker Fellnase




Shelving System Ceres - clear design and a wide range of options

Open and flexible shelving system

Successful selling in retail begins with a professional presentation of the products. With the Ceres shop fitting system, you have the advantage that the open and flexible shelving system allows you to present your products perfectly. Whether you sell fashion or food and beverages - convince your customers with quality and uniqueness.

Modular shop fitting system for many sectors

A professional store appearance is easy to implement with Ceres. With this shopfitting system, you can change whether goods are displayed hanging or lying down in just a few simple steps. Shelves and rails can be hooked into the vertical wall columns without the need for tools. These flexible presentation options are a great advantage, especially during seasonal changes or sales promotions. Details such as height-adjustable shelves and universally usable support bars ensure understated elegance.

Ceres shelving system is flexible and individually adaptable

Instead of costly and individual fixtures, the Ceres shelving system makes shop fitting quick and uncomplicated. You don't have to make any compromises when it comes to flexibility and adaptability. Thanks to modular construction, you can put together this shopfitting system to suit your individual needs. We would be happy to help you choose the right display units and equipment for your sector.

Easy assembly due to modular construction

The modular construction of the shopfitting system makes it easy to assemble, even on your own. Firmly welded frames give the shelving its special stability.