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Shelving System Ceres

Versatile. Minimalist. Modern.

Less is more with Ceres, and beautifully so. This modular shopfitting and shelving collection offers a pleasingly pared-back look that allows all kinds of retail products to shine. Available in black and white, Ceres is simple yet striking.

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Homeware stores

Ceres shelving units provide a stylish and practical solution for displaying a variety of homewares and decorative items. With height-adjustable shelves, they offer flexibility for showcasing both tall vases and lamps, as well as smaller items like cups and plates.

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Fashion boutiques

Thanks to its linear look and contemporary finish, Ceres quickly adapts to new clothing ranges and seasonal shifts from, say, winter coats to summer blouses. Simply raise or lower shelves, add extra rails or even extend entire units.

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Fine foods stores

With a naturalistic finish that speaks to product quality and authenticity, Ceres effortlessly showcases fine foods and beverages in various settings like organic grocery stores, tea shops, and wine merchants. Adjustable components enable swift adaptation to new products, and angled and straight shelves make it easy to present complementary products side by side. Ceres's robust shelves ensure reliable support, even for heavy items.


Kids' stores

Whether your kids' store is compact or spacious, our modular shelving system Ceres is tailored to fit seamlessly into any interior layout. With a variety of dimensions and styles to choose from, you can optimize every inch of your kids' store while maintaining a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.



Our modular shelving system Ceres is ideal for presenting a variety of breads, pastries and other baked goods in an aesthetic and creative way. With chalkboards, you can add a personal touch with illustrations or descriptions, helping to guide your customers through your store creatively. Back arms with front arms as well as pedestals give you additional space to present charming bread baskets.

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Ceres shopfitting and shelving system

Simple, clean and minimal Ceres shopfitting system is the perfect choice for any contemporary retail store whether you sell fine foods or bridalwear.

Choose from a wide range of thoughtfully designed and well-crafted shelving units. Everything is available in three beautiful wood decor finishes, or we can help you create a customised look by selecting from our range of hundreds of bespoke finishes. Choose black or white metal to complement the overall aesthetic of your store.

Even better, Ceres shelving is so easy to adapt and change. You can raise and lower existing shelves and rails – they simply unhook from the vertical metal supports – and additional shelves, rails and other fixtures can be added with ease as you create your unique shop shelving unit. This modularity means that it can be quickly and easily updated and reconfigured when you introduce new product ranges.

If you don’t see the Ceres shopfitting unit that’s exactly right for you, please get in touch. Our team of interior designers is here to help you put together the perfect shelving for your retail store.