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Retail fixtures for fine foods

Our Addison and Ceres shelving systems are perfect for presenting a variety of foods, beverages and other organic products to your customers in a sales-promoting and aesthetic way. A mixture of straight and sloping shelves in allow you to present a wide variety of goods, while looking visually interesting.


Shelving system Ceres

Perfect for displaying organic produce and beverages

A mixture of straight and sloping shelves in wood decors allow you to present a wide variety of goods, while looking visually interesting. Whether it's fruit, vegetables, juices or other fresh produce, your range can be shown off in its best light. Shelves made of wood-look decors radiate naturalness and sustainability, and thus complement farm shops and organic food shops perfectly.

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Shelving system Addison

Flexible set-up for your coffee and tea shop

Assortments and products can change quickly in food shops. With the Addison shelving system, you are well prepared. With modularly adaptable shelf widths, you can present your products in style. Since the Addison shelving system is sector-neutral, it can be used in many different ways. Whether for the product presentation of delicacies, coffee or tea - with flexible accessories and modular display units, the Addison shelving system can be varied in the shop to create the perfect display shelf. If you want to expand the shelving, simply add additional modules.

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Addison wine shelf

Practical wine rack and beautiful piece of furniture

Strong by design, Addison can also be used as a free-standing shelf requiring no wall mounting when utilizing the provided diagonal connectors. This makes it possible to also use the Addison wine rack as a stylish room divider. 

Or why not create an inviting corner display in your hotel bar? With our versatile Addison wine shelf, your options are countless.

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