Retail Display Tables

The retail display table - a classic among store furniture

A high-quality, aesthetically designed retail display table shows your products in the best light and sparks the curiosity of customers. As a presentation table, it is more than just a display. At Mandai Design you will find stylish display tables in modern design - quality Made in Germany from our own production.

14 products

14 products

Display tables are silent salesmen

Display tables play an important role in the shop concept. An attractively designed table invites the customer to stand still, touch and look closely at the goods - this way, the customer can experience the product directly and develop his or her desire to buy. In addition, the display table offers excellent opportunities to highlight certain articles or product groups. This makes it indispensable for special sales and the focal point of sales promotions. As a silent salesman, it presents newly arrived goods, acts as a place for customers to stop and thus extends the time the customer spends in the store.


Retail display tables increase the likelihood of a purchase

A stylishly decorated display table increases the likelihood of a purchase. This is because, in addition to its function as a product presenter, customer conversations also take place at the display table. Sales assistants show and explain the advantages of individual products to customers. You can clearly demonstrate functions and product details at the retail display table. There is no more convincing way to advise customers.

The display table becomes a sales table during the customer meeting

A sales-promoting, high-quality store ambience inspires confidence in the customer. If you also show your claim to high quality, excellent workmanship and appealing design on the display table, this underlines the quality of your product range. Increase sales in your retail shop with your individual and distinctive style of furnishing.


Retail display tables are flexible and can be easily integrated into shop furnishings

Display tables made of wood and metal are manufactured in our own factory. Different dimensions and designs of the tables are therefore no problem. High-quality table tops made of solid wood or even fine stone tops are an excellent option for display tables. Depending on the intended use, the table frame can be matched in colour and, if required, also in design to an existing shop fitting.

Retail display tables are flexible and can be easily integrated into shop furnishings

Our distinctive table designs help to create a special flair in your sales rooms with a high recognition value. Our display tables impress with their unusual materials and surfaces. Modern, straight-lined and functional designs come together with elements in retro and industrial looks. Here, the presentation of goods on display tables becomes something special.

Each display table bears an unmistakable signature. So you can rely on quality that convinces even discerning customers in terms of design, workmanship and material quality. Just give us a call - we will be happy to advise you on finding the right display table for your needs! Individual adaptations are no problem.