Shelving System Brooklyn


Brooklyn shelving system - typical industrial design

The Brooklyn shopfitting system is a homage to timelessly beautiful design in industrial look during the industrialisation period. It reflects the loving details of industrial buildings, bridges and railway stations from the manufacturing era.

1 product

1 product

Brooklyn shop fitting system - this is how your shop in industrial design becomes a real eye-catcher

Whether as a free-standing shop shelf or as a wall-mounted shelf in the design of a riveted iron girder - the Industrial Style inspires us. Set cool accents in your shop and give it the flair of the good old days of a factory. Individual shop counters and matching display tables become brilliant eye-catchers. With the Brooklyn shopfitting system, you're sure to be the talk of the shop - and not just with your customers!


Brooklyn shelving system - uncompromising in practical application

In terms of practicality, the horizontally adjustable wall system knows no compromises. All standard display fittings such as shelves, support bars and front arms make this shelving system an all-rounder for selling and presenting your products. With 625 mm and 1000 mm centre-to-centre dimensions, the Brooklyn wall system can be adapted to all individual room dimensions.


Stylish shop fittings in industrial style

Depending on the spatial conditions, the Brooklyn shopfitting system can be combined with concrete or darker wood. Unrendered wall surfaces or bricks effectively emphasise the industrial look. With the additional option of a "rust look" surface, your shop fittings in industrial design become unique.