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Retail fixtures for homeware stores

Home accessories and decorative items need to be skillfully staged on the sales floor. With the right shop fitting system, you have the opportunity to give your customers a taste of decoration ideas with your products. Shop fittings from Mandai Design are highly functional and stylishly emphasize decorative items and accessories.


Shelving System Addison

Present homeware elegantly

If you want to present homeware and accessories elegantly and stylishly, Addison is the perfect shop shelving system.A continuously perforated grid offers flexible equipping with all common display fittings.The use of various presentation boxes makes the staging of your products a pleasure.But the special highlight is its high utility value through maximum storage space.

Addison: Shop the look


Addison: Shop the look


Shelving system Ceres

Displaying homeware and decorations beautifully

For the stylish presentation of homeware & decoration items on the shop floor, shelving system Ceres is exactly the right choice. Minimalist and deliberately unobtrusive, this shelving system fits almost perfectly into any room. Open and flexible, you can present your products as you wish.

Ceres: Shop the look


Ceres: Shop the look


Shelving System Slimline

Delicate, ultra-slim profile.

Strong by design, Addison can also be used as a free-standing shelf requiring no wall mounting when utilizing the provided diagonal connectors. This makes it possible to also use the Addison wine rack as a stylish room divider. 

Or why not create an inviting corner display in your hotel bar? With our versatile Addison wine shelf, your options are countless.

Slimline: Shop the look


Slimline: Shop the look

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